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The Initial Office Consultation...
​What do you want me to talk about?
The initial consultation is most economical if you have organized your thoughts.  In a divorce matter, for example, you will need to give us the basic picture of your marital situation, including length of marriage, number  and ages of children, custody and support arrangements you have in mind, and a brief outline of the property of the parties.

What should I expect during the consultation?
Be prepared to share everything openly and honestly.  It is absolutely necessary to provide full and honest answers in order to represent a client properly. Remember, our conversations are confidential.

How much counseling does my attorney provide?
You will be better served if your attorney is able to view the facts of the situation objectively and advise you without being "involved".  Although you may find you will look to an attorney for relationship counseling, this is not the proper function for an attorney. Should you think you have a need for relationship or individual counseling, we can provide a referral.  

What is the Attorney-Client relationship?
Legal services will not be provided until the retainer fee, as determined in the initial consultation, has been paid and the Retainer Agreement has been signed by the client and given to the attorney.  However, the attorney-client privilege still applies to things we discuss during our initial consultation even if we do not end up representing you.​